Nassau County Highpoint Trip Report

three areas 1 3/4 miles east of Boulogne (110+ ft)

Date: January 23, 2006
Author: Michael Schwartz

From US 1 at Boulogne, FL, 0.1 mile south of the state line, take Lake Hampton Road east for 1.7 miles. Turn right (south) onto Pigeon Creek Road and go 0.3 mile to the Pigeon Creek Cemetery on the left. Along the way, notice a dirt road between two farmsteads, leading to the point where the power lines veer to the south-southwest. This is a route to the northernmost area (area 1) and is best saved for last. Just before the cemetery, take a posted dirt road left (east) along the northern edge of the cemetery, which eventually turns south, heading toward the western edges of the southern two areas. Go 0.5 mile on this road and see a barn and house on the left.

The owner, Richard Wilcox, very graciously showed us the two surface reference markers for BM Willis, one under a fallen tree and the second inside the barn. The actual benchmark is underground, according the USGS data sheet, and we did not find it. Highest ground seems to be along the east-west fence line near the barn. We walked much further out into the middle area (area 2), both in the fields and woods, but felt that the area along the fence was highest. Mr. Wilcox stated that the land north of the fence line, which includes area 1, was owned by the Walker family, which jibes with the USGS data sheet that mentions the same family and gives a phone number for them.

We continued south along the main dirt road toward the southernmost area (area 3) and reached a large trailer home. The owner had no problem with our wandering around but believed that area 2 was higher. We wandered the contour, which includes open woods and an open area to the south, and felt that highest ground was in the southeastern corner of the woods. It's not possible to hand-level back to area 2.

On our way out, we parked at the end of the previously-mentioned dirt road between the two farmsteads. This is about 0.15 mile from area 1. We negotiated an unposted barbed wire fence, crossed a derelict electric fence, and walked the road toward the power lines and the small bump of area 1. It was now almost dark and, on our return walk, someone from one of the farmsteads drove out to our vehicle, checked it out, and returned to the house. We returned moments later and left without incident. The dirt road used to reach areas 2 and 3 passes very close to area 1 and someone visiting that area from along the road would be less visible than we were. Crossing the fence and walking out to area 1 would only take a few minutes.