Okaloosa County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: March 14, 2007
Author: Michael Schwartz

This updates Fred Lobdell's 1999 report, with some changes to directions.

one area 1/4 mile east-southeast of Mount Zion Church (320+ ft)

For the first, southern area, note that FL 85A is no longer marked as such above Laurel Hill. The road is now simply 3rd Avenue and takes off opposite the large "Welcome to Laurel Hill" sign on FL 85. I was able to Martinize this one.

one area 2 1/4 miles northeast of Laurel Hill (320+ ft)

For the second, northern area, after turning "... north on a dirt road toward Alabama ...", go 2.1 miles to a T-intersection with Country Cross Road (CR6). Go right (east) one mile and turn right (south) onto a passable dirt road. Follow this for 0.5 mile, then go left (east) onto a field road that now peters out about 0.15 mile from the center of the contour. High ground along the field boundaries is almost at the edge of the contour, demonstrating just how much erosion has taken place in the fields themselves.