Orange County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 18, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

The HP of Orange County (225+') is a small rise on the Lake County line. From the intersection of US 27 and FL 50 on the east side of Clermont (see Lake Co. description, above) go east on 50 about 6.7 miles, crossing into Orange County. At the intersection of 50 and county 545 (I think this is the first traffic light east of the county line) turn right (south) on 545. Follow this for about 2.6 miles as it jogs southwest, then south again. Turn right (west) on Marsh Rd. and take it about 2.2 miles to the county line. There is a relatively new house on the right (north) side of marsh road and an orchard on the left. There is also a dirt track that appears to run right along the county line. Walk or drive south on this dirt road for about 0.3 miles as it drops into a small hollow, then rises to the county HP. I felt the area a few feet back between the mango (or whatever) trees was perhaps slightly higher than the road. The orchard itself was posted back by Marsh Rd., but it didn't appear to apply to the road itself, which led to some sort of water substation. (Most orchards in Florida are posted. They frown on amateur, volunteer harvesters.)