Orange County High Point Trip Report

one small area 3/4 mile west of Lake Avalon

Date: December 22, 2002
Authors: Trapper Robbins & Roxanne Everett

The dirt road along the county line to the cohp is very negatively posted with a warning about decontamination and a "no walking" symbol (hiker with a slash across it). We suspect that these signs pertain to the prevention of citrus canker disease (harmful to fruit, not humans). Apparently, if a diseased tree is found, the Florida Department of Agriculture eradication team can cut down all citrus trees up to 1900 feet away to isolate the disease, impose citrus quarantines, etc. More information and quarantine maps can be found on their web site.

If you decide to do this cohp, in fairness to the fruit growers, you should probably wear clean (or disinfected) shoes that haven't been exposed to soil in other citrus orchards. Also, if you get caught, this may be a tough one to talk your way out of.