Orange County Highpoint Trip Report

one small area 3/4 mile west of Lake Avalon (225+ ft)

Date: May 15, 2007
Author: Michael Schwartz

Previous descriptions are still accurate. Upon arrival, I saw harvesting equipment and workmen up the road but decided to drive up and try out my people skills. Note that the road, although wide, is very sandy, so keep moving or risk bogging down. The gentleman in charge had no problem with my driving the road to the top and seemed surprised and pleased to find out the location of the county highpoint. He also mentioned that his cell phone didn't work at the summit, seemingly counterintuitive. Mine worked but not well. GPS puts the road right at the county line, so one hardly needs to enter the groves at the well-defined summit bump. A bus and other vehicles were parked at the summit, but I never spotted the harvesters.