Osceola County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 5, 2007
Author: Cliff Young

I have put together a little (3-question) quiz for those who seek to reach the County Highpoints.

1) What's it like to go highpointing in Florida in August?

2) What happened to the Osceola County Highpoint?

3) What is the highpoint of Osceola County, Florida?

Unfortunately I couldn't tell you the answer to this last question.

For questions 1 and 2 I've gone with that old Navy tradition - when in doubt pick "C".

As of today the orchard is gone, the brushy field is gone, and some amount of elevation has been removed. The area north of the road is being made into a golf course including everything from Route 27 East. There is not a tree, bush, and almost no vegetation in the entire area. South of the road is a ditch about 12 feet wide and 6 to ten feet deep which I have no idea what it's for. South of the ditch the land has been contoured for what I assume is to be a future fairway. The highest point today was in the same place as the CoHP spot on the website when opened with the Topozone link. There is certainly nothing south of that spot that is as high. I got a reading of 204 feet at this spot by GPS but do not trust the elevation on GPS (especially el-cheapo models like mine) units to claim that as the exact elevation. Looking at the topo map the road crests at 215+ feet and the embankment that was highest was maybe a foot or two higher than the road. In my opinion (remember this is the opinion of someone who would visit County Highpoints in Florida in August), the twenty foot contour is completely gone but some of the 215 contour remains leaving the highest "known" point in the county at the original location.

I do not know if there are any other 215+ points in the county but, if there are, it might be a good idea to visit them. Meanwhile I am painting the county blue until the truth be known.

You would think one CoHP in Florida in August would be enough to teach even the most determined CoHPer a valuable lesson. You'd be wrong. I found no changes in either Indian River or Brevard County. I do recommend visiting Brevard on a Sunday though. Plenty of parking at the High Point Office Building.