Palm Beach County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas (50+ and 53 ft)

Date: October 16, 2008
Author: Michael Schwartz

This report is limited to the northern area, marked by spot elevation 53 feet.

Early visits to this area were done without benefit of GPS, leaving doubt as to the exact location of this spot elevation.

This highpoint is a prime example of the utility of Acme Mapping. Using the "topo, map, and hybrid" functions, the highpoint can be located on both the street map and the hybrid aerial photo/street map to show where the bump is in relation to the changed culture (none of which is shown on the topo), plus the photo shows a workable approach route.

From I-95 exit 83, go east on Donald Ross Boulevard 4.2 miles to Federal Highway/US 1. Go north (left) 1.7 miles on US 1 and make a left onto Bluffs Boulevard. Take the second right onto Ridge Road, which ends at a cul de sac. Note home #323 at the bend in the road, behind which is high ground. Park at the cul-de-sac, and walk north on the grassy strip between the last house and the fence/brush. Find and follow a mowed grassy path at the rear of the last house that heads east on the other side of the fences at the rear of all the houses. Someone maintains this path, probably a homeowners association, rather than individual owners, so it passes for common ground. I saw no one, not even any dogs. The path stays on high ground, with nice views to the north, and reaches a couple of bumps in the sandy area shown on the photo. This is exactly where spot elevation 53 plots on the photo. I liked a bump at a large, double trunked, dead tree, which might be 3-4 feet higher than Ridge Road. Everything north seemed clearly lower. The walk from the car takes only a couple of minutes.

I also drove the length of Ridge Road south of Bluffs Boulevard to where it drops off abruptly. It follows the ridge shown on the topo and my sad excuse for an altimeter gave readings as high as those on the Ridge Road cul de sac. It's worth the short drive, although the houses on both sides seem to sit on bermed ground relative to the road.

In my opinion, this area must be visited (as must the southern area) to claim Palm Beach County.