Pinellas County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 20, 2001
Author: Ken Jones

We used Fred Lobdell's September 1999 trip report on this. Our approach was different (Florida SR 60 from near the Tampa airport to county route 593 northbound to county route 580 westbound), but Fred's notes and a map are all you need to find the vicinity. We went about 0.6 mile north on Countryside Blvd. (rather than 1/3 mile) and parked along the drive by the golf course's clubhouse.

From here we headed southerly along cart paths to the HP vicinity, and climbed all the hills in the area. (It was getting dark, and the golfers were all gone.)

The southern possibility, in the shopping center, is at the corner of the JC Penney store. My reading of the map says that the formerly mapped 105-foot contour was almost certainly destroyed during construction of the shopping center, and the highest remaining point is on the golf course. But they're so close together, and the shopping center is so easy to visit, why not do both?