Pinellas County High Point Trip Report

two areas (105+ ft)

Date: December 6, 2002
Author: Dave Covill

This is another interesting exercise in topo map reading versus understanding the lay of the land. I think that the high ground has been manipulated a wee bit at the Golf Curse, and obliterated at the mall. Interesting to note that the high ground now lies in a different contour than shown on the map.

From US 19, a 6-lane highway, go east on 580 0.3 mile to the entrance to the shopping center mall. Drive around to the southeast corner to JC Penney. Highest is near the building, but paved for all around. Boring.

For the 2nd area in the golf course, go east on 580 0.7 mile from US 19. Turn north onto Countryside Boulevard. Go north 0.4 mile to just past where you can see the Golf Course. Turn east onto Westchester Street and park in front of homes. Go back to the edge of the Golf Course and walk the paved cart path northeast about 0.3 mile to an intersection of paths. The 1st 100-foot contour is back by the large pond. The 2nd is in front of you, and the 3rd, which is labeled at 105 feet on the map, is 100 yards to the northeast of you. Hand leveling shows the mound at area #2, at the 7th green. You can use the ponds to orient yourself. It looked to be about 3 feet higher than at the 105-foot contour's highest mound. Again, probably all pushed around a bit many years ago. I could not tell the hole # at the 105-foot contour green, as the flag did not indicate it. No one was golfing near us at the time. Many homes back right onto the course, which feels like a public course, although could be low-grade private.