Polk County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 18, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

There are two small areas, on either side of a state highway, surrounded by 300-foot contours. They lie just south of the communities of Babson Park and Hillcrest Heights.

From the intersection of US 27 and FL 60 on the southeast corner of the city of Lake Wales, go east on 60 about 1.2 miles to the intersection with FL 17, which also shows as US 27A. Turn right (south) on 17 and take it about 3.6 miles to its intersection with county 640. Here 17 turns left (east); so should you.

Follow 17 for about 4.5 miles as it goes east, then southeast, then southwest, then south, then west, and finally south again, passing through in the process Babson Park and Hillcrest Heights. After this last bend go about 0.3 miles to the height of land on the road and park on the shoulder. There are orchards on both sides of the road. The large area will be to your left front (southeast) and the small area is to your right rear (northwest). No postings were visible from this point.

Walk southeast into the orchard until you get to the high ground. This is actually fairly well defined, with a small "summit" area that rises a foot or so above the surrounding area. Then walk back across the road and go northwest to the smaller area. Because of the orchards, the two areas were not visible from each other. But based on how much "climbing" I had to do, I would offer good odds that the larger area, to the southeast, is the true HP.