Sarasota County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 4, 2004
Author: Bob Packard

When I got to the county line sign on Singletary Road, I turned north on the sandy two-track and had no trouble driving the rental 7/10 miles right to the HP, passing Dave Covill's dirt lane (also easily driven) coming in from 284th Street (entirely in Manatee County as Dave points out) at 5/10. At this point I was at the northeast corner of an orange-grapefruit grove and the land definitely slopes to the south and west from there, in my opinion.

Larry Lawton is wrong to say that the left side of 284th Street is in Sarasota County, but he may have gotten the HP anyway if he went west enough to get to the grove. I wonder if Dave went north enough to get to the HP.

In an open field to the northwest is a brand new house built in the last few months. Looked like it was atop one of the 2 smaller contours. I talked to the owner who told me that the land had been surveyed and that where my rental was parked was higher than his house and that water flowed from where I was parked to the north and west toward and around his house. In my mind the two small contours can be eliminated and the Sarasota bulge in the big contour contains the HP. I didn't have my GPS so could not confirm Larry's coordinates.