Sumter County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 18, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

There are three areas higher than 150 feet elevation in Sumter County. [The third area was discovered since the "official" list was published.] I did the southern one and reconnoitered the northern one; I did not see the middle one. >From the intersection of I-75 and FL 44, take 44 east for about a mile to county 44A. Go east on 44A into the village of Wildwood. Turn north on US 301, then east on county 466A. Go about 5 miles on 466A to just before the Lake County line, where there will be a gated road on the right going into a sand and clay pit. There's plenty of room topark without blocking access to the pit. The area is fenced but not posted, and the gate is easy to climb. Walk back on the road, which parallels the county line, for about a third of a mile, then climb up out of the pit on one of the haul roads on the right and walk into the open field where the high area is. As this appears to be a working pit, the weekend is probably best for this one. >From this point continue east on 466A into Lake County for about a half mile, then turn left (north) and go 1.7 miles to a "T" intersection. Turn left (west) and go a half mile. The northern high area is the obvious hill to your right front, behind a well-maintained fence. There will be a climbable gate in front of you. While I don't mind climbing a gate and entering a non-posted field that's obviously not mine when there's no one to see me, I'm more reluctant to do so when there's a couple of houses in full view with people in their yards on a Saturday morning. I drove down the fence line but saw nowhere to hop the fence except at the gate. The third area is a mile or so south of the northern area, and I didn't see it. There is a dirt road that goes south from the gate, but there are also houses along it, and I didn't reconnoiter it. It may be possible to do the other two areas as a hike from county 466A, but it would be a round trip of between 4 and 5 miles, and I had other HPs on my itinerary that day. Also, the land on the north side of 466A is posted in places. Maybe later.