Sumter County High Point Trip Report

3 unnamed areas of 150+ feet

Date: August 26, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

The three candidates for the Sumter County high point are aligned in a more or less north-south direction. The southern one is about two miles south of the middle area, and that is another mile south of the northern area. For a description of how to access the general area of the Sumter County high points, and a trip report for the southern area, see the previously filed trip report for Sumter County from Sept 1999.

For the middle area, the best approach seems to be to leave your vehicle at the entrance to the quarry on the south side of county 466A, cross the road, and walk into the woods on the north side. It will be very helpful to have a copy of the topographic map for this area. Bushwhack generally north at first for a half mile or so, then northwest for almost a mile until the high ground is reached. Most of this travel is through grassy pasture land and is not difficult. There are a couple of fences to cross, but the land is not posted.

The northern area is best accessed by following the directions given in the previous trip report until you reach the gate where the field with the high point is to your right front. At that point turn right (north) and go a half mile to where a jeep track is shown on the topo as going left (west). This jeep track was gated at one time but the gate has been removed from its hinges, and the area is not posted. Drive back on the jeep track as far as you feel comfortable doing; there are areas of soft sand that may prove difficult for 2-wheel drive vehicles. From where you park, continue west to the height of land, crossing to the south side of the fence at one of the many breaks in it. Then walk into the field to the south to the high ground. We were not sure what was planted there, but it looked like some sort of legume, perhaps peanuts. Return the same way.