Sumter County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 17, 2004
Author: Bill Jacobs

The southern area described in Fred Lobdell's report has undergone extensive excavation and finding a true high area is problematic. While walking up the road to the head shed overseeing the site, I was stopped and asked what I was up to. Permission for access was denied for insurance reasons; it was Saturday and there were no higher-ups around to say yes. I asked if I went through the farmer's field to the west would you see me? He said he would not.

Fred describes accessing the second area from this point but I think it would be closer if you followed his driving instructions to the third area and took a left at the "T" intersection and asked for permission from one of the homeowners to pass through their yard out into the pasture land. I didn't pursue this after arriving at the "T" and observing the third, northernmost area, was crawling with excavation equipment and asking for permission with all that activity going on would be a futile gesture. That may not have been the exact location of the third area but you would have had to pass through it to get there.