Volusia County High Point Trip Report

Date: October, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

The HP of Volusia County is about 3 miles north of De Land. The area has been changed since the photographs on which the map is based were taken in 1990.

From the intersection of US 17 and FL 44 in the center of De Land, go north on 17 for about 4.7 miles, being sure to stay left at the fork where FL 11 goes off. The topo shows Lake Mamie Road as going right past the HP, and it used to, but it's been closed off before that point now. Continue on 17 and make the next right after lake Mamie Rd., which is FL 15A; there is a traffic light at this intersection. Turn right and go about 0.8 miles to where there is a low brick wall on the right and lettering on it that reads, "The Pines". Turn right here.

As I entered this small area of exclusive homes, it was apparent that the high area was in the yard of a house to my right front. There was a man in the yard doing some maintenance work, and I pulled into his driveway and parking area. I got out and said that I'd like to ask a small favor, and he cordially replied, "If I can." I explained my strange hobby and that I was looking for the highest point in Volusia County, and he said, "This is it! You're standing on it!"

We chatted for a few minutes, and then Mr. Bob Stevens led me to the high area in his back yard. He said that he hadn't known the area was the county high point until the surveyors told him. They told him the elevation was 121 feet, which is in good agreement with the small 120-foot contour shown on the topo.

The house is for sale; Mr. Stevens is moving to Sevier County, Tenn., in the Smokies. We can only hope that the new owner will be as cordial.