Appling County Highpoint Trip Report

multiple areas (245-249 ft and 240-249 ft)

Date: March 19, 2007
Author: Michael Schwartz

Done with Kevin Williamson. I apologize for the lack of specific mileage details.

One area 3/8 mile northwest of Graham: This is a 245-249 foot contour and is our favorite for the true county highpoint. The driveway shown going north into the contour leads to a house and we thought that highest ground was along a tree row, about halfway to the house. Check around the cemetery for more high ground.

One small area 1/4 mile northwest of Sellers Cemetery: This a sliver of 245-249 feet contour in an open field, just north of the dirt road shown on the topo. Not much relief.

Five areas 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 miles east of Carter Cemetery: Unlike the rest of the areas in Appling County, these lie in rolling terrain. Drive north about three miles on Nails Ferry Road from Altamaha School Road, northeast of Graham, until you see the power line crossing. We parked there and got permission from the residents of the house shown in the small contour to hike out into the fields to the larger areas. Relief was minimal and we didn't think any of the 240-249 foot contours even made it up to 245 feet. We then drove up to the two northern bumps, got permission from a landowner, and walked out into the fields. Again, not enough relief to reach 245 feet.

Ten areas within 2 1/2 miles of Graham: There is little relief in and around Graham. The five areas nearest town are mostly open and easily explored off the roads, with no access problems. The map on Topozone is outdated and the copy Kevin made at the Georgia Tech map library had more roads on it. The southern five areas are also conveniently accessed from roads shown on the map, with a little bushwhacking required. We did not think any of these areas reached 245 feet.