Catoosa County High Point Trip Report

Taylor Ridge - BM Bryan (1,427+ ft)

Date: January 13, 2001
Author: Kevin Williamson

From I-75 north take exit 345 for Ringgold, marked for US 41 and US 76. Turn left onto US 41/76 and go 0.5 miles to Brandy Rd. on the right. Turn right and go 2.2 miles to Houston Val Rd. Turn right onto Houston Val Rd. and go 3.6 miles to a small woods road on the right. This road is gated with signs on both ends of the gate saying NO TRESPASSING. However, I talked to a nearby neighbor who believed it would be OK to hike on this land. The signs were mainly for deer hunting season. You may want to avoid this highpoint during hunting season. There are two gates; use the north one. The south gate is near a concrete driveway leading to a house. Most of this route is on land belonging to Bowarter Timber Co.

Travel by foot along a good woods road up to Taylor Ridge. This is the height of the road as it makes a hard right turn and starts downhill. At this wide gap, head south across an old clear-cut area. Keep moving uphill to the highpoint. You should find BM Taylor and an old concrete footing for BM Bryan (no longer present).