Cobb County High Point Trip Report

Kennesaw Mtn

Date: September 3, 2000
Author: Mike Beavers

Kennesaw Mountain is located in Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield just north of Atlanta only a few miles off of I-75. From I-75 follow the road signs to the Battlefield's Visitor Center. From the Visitor Center there are two ways to access the top of the mountain. One is 1.2 mile hike (one way) to the top of the mountain. The other way is drive up to the parking lot on top of the mountain (on very busy days you may have to take a bus to the parking lot because the road will be closed) and then walk the last 600 yards to the top. There is a BM on top of the Mountain with at least one rock higher than the BM about 10 feet to the left as you face the BM. This cohp can be a very easy one to add to your list if you are traveling through Atlanta and don't have much time.