Decatur County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: December 29, 2004
Author: Denis Dean

To reach the first area, head north a few miles on US 27 from the FL/GA state line to SR 262 (Antioch Church Road). Veer right on SR 262 and head north to Harrison Road (it is a few miles past a sharp right turn in the road). Turn right on Harrison Road, go 1000 feet down Harrison Road, and turn left on a dirt path that borders a cotton field. I parked here and headed north to a natural woodsy area between two fields. This area (which shows up as cleared on the topo) seems to contain the highpoint.

To reach the other three areas return to SR 262 and head north through the town of Climax (I wonder how the town got that name). The first stop sign north of town is CR 312 (Old Whigham Road). Turn right (East) onto CR 312. The second area is around a large, antebellum-style house on the south side of the road (4078). I attempted to make contact with a homeowner with no success. The highest point appears to be in the immediate vicinity of the home or one of the outer buildings (garage, stables, workshop, tennis courts). The house to the east is obviously lower.

The third area is east on CR 312. The middle of the contour is at the intersection of CR 312 and Arline Cemetery Road -- McIntyre Farm Road. The lookout tower is gone and the highest area appeared to be some possibly unnatural berms on the south side of CR 312. The cleared area to the south is posted by a hunting club and appears to be lower then the intersection. From this area, the northern field appears to be the same height and this was confirmed when I walked around the northern cotton field and looked south.

The fourth area is reached by continuing east on CR 312 to Rackley Road. Go north on Rackley Road to the first gate on the right which is posted by a hunting club. From here the highpoint is 1/3 mile east in a cotton field.