Glynn County Highpoint Trip Report

one large area with three spot elevations (66, 67, 68 feet)

Date: June 4, 2007
Author: Bill Schuler

On US 82 at Old Post Road just east of Waynesville, zero odometer. There is a Shell gas station on the northwest corner and this is the county line between Glynn and Brantley counties.

0.9 -- US 82 at Old Post Road, go south on Old Post Road.
0.8 -- Jillwood Court, this is the area for spot elevation 67 feet.
0.9 -- Spot elevation of 68 feet. The high point seems to be at the road
          in front of a gated driveway with a "Beware of Dog" sign on it.
1.3 -- Buchan Lane, this is the area with a spot elevation 66 feet.

This county is a gimme if you accept the area of spot elevation 68 feet but the land is so flat that I roamed around all three areas as well as walking 1/2 mile north and south of the spot elevation.