Haralson County Highpoint Trip Report

Reeds Mtn (1,560+ ft)

Date: August 6, 2005
Author: Mike Beavers

Fred Lobdellís and Ron Tagliapietra's directions to this high point are still good. However, things appear to be changing. The house that was mentioned in both reports is still there but it no longer appears to be lived in. The road going to the house appears to have been widened and new high-dollar houses are being built along its length. The old house is not up to the standards of what is now being built and will probably be torn down. It looks as if this new subdivision is going to be a gated because, as soon as you cross over the railroad tracks mentioned in the earlier reports, the road widens and passes through a gate structure before continuing on. There is no guard house here yet but looks like one could pop up at any time. There are great views from the top.