Harris County High Point Trip Report

Dowdell Knob (1395 ft on Pine Mountain)

Date: June 13, 2000
Author: Fred Dale

From the town of Pine Mountain, GA, south on U.S. 27 to State Hwy. 190, entrance to FDR State Park, el. 1000 feet. East to spur road at historical marker, SW to overlook/picnic spot. As noted by others, the HP is simply uphill into the woods 100 feet or so. I found four markers, the primary 1395 feet (elevation not inscribed), and three triangulating discs each roughly 30 feet or so from the primary, the latter being in the center, all at about the same elevation. Several 20-inch rocks reside nearby competing for the true HP.

Topo chart

N 32 deg 50.46', W 84 deg 44.74'

DeLorme TopoUSA elev = 1388 ft