Heard County High Point Trip Report

unnamed (1,360+ ft)

Date: April 8, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

The Heard County high point lies almost on the Alabama state line, a little more than two miles west-southwest of the community of Ephesus, GA. There are two areas of 1,360+ foot elevation. The westernmost of these contains a bench mark and shows an elevation of 1,365 feet. The eastern area is much smaller; however, field observations suggest that it is the higher of the two areas. It appears possible that one or both of these contours has been inaccurately drawn.

From the intersection of GA 100 with a paved cross road in Ephesus, just north of the large school, take the cross road west for 2.3 miles to a 5-way intersection. The intersection appears to be just west of the state line, and the bench mark is located on the north side of the road near a mail box.

Here we were greeted by two dogs from the house on the north side of the road, who soon realized that we were not threats. Their barking brought out the lady of the house, who kindly showed us around the property.

The highest area appears to be a couple of hundred feet back up the road to the east, where an old woods road goes off to the northeast just east of a barbed-wire fence. We walked up this road, and the highest land appeared to be in the woods to the east of the woods road. We tramped around in this area in an effort to cover all possibilities.

The high point of Randolph County, AL, is only a short distance from here. See the trip report under that county.