Lanier County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 18, 2001
Author: Fred Lobdell

Lanier County's high area lies in the western part of the county, about 3 miles east of Ray City.

US 129 and GA routes 11, 37, and 125 all meet on the west side of Ray City. From this intersection, take the combined US 129 and GA 11/37 east about 3.7 miles to a secondary paved road on the left (north). Turn left and go about 0.6 miles to the first left. (I don't recall if this road is dirt or paved.) Turn left (northwest) and go 0.6 miles to a dirt road on the right (north). Turn right and follow this road past the first house to where there is a gated dirt track on the right. This track leads into the highest contour. Park here.

Hike east up the dirt track for about 0.4 miles. The track will make a minor jog to the right part way and then a larger right jog, shown on the topo. At this point you are within the 200-foot contour. Continue around to your right. The highest area appears to be along the edge of a field or perhaps in the woods near the field. The circular pond shown on the topo is now just a shallow depression occupied by large weeds and brush. Return the way you came. Counting wandering in the wilderness, this is a total hike of about a mile with minor elevation gain.