Lanier County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: February 21, 2005
Author: Bill Jacobs

Fred Lobdell's superb report describes an approach from the west. An alternate route from the east results in a drive-up. I tried Fred's route a year earlier and was run off by property managers.

Follow Fred's directions to the "secondary road". Instead of turning left at 0.6 mile from GA 11/37, continue straight ahead for another mile, a total of 1.6 miles from GA 11/37. On the left is a mail box "Blake, Box 2130" and a non- descript road proceeding west along a tree line. The road is difficult to see but it is passable in a 2WD vehicle. Ask for permission from the house nearby.

As the road enters the swamps, it becomes more defined and eventually leads to the highpoint contour. There are a few of deteriorating barns, large cotton fields, and a sight no southern highpoint would be complete without, the hunting blind. The depression described by Fred as dry is now filled with water, no doubt, the remnant of several hurricanes that chose to visit Florida last fall.