McDuffie County Highpoint Trip Report

nine areas (600+ ft)

Date: June 6, 2007
Author: Bill Schuler

DeLorme Atlas: Page 30-F1, E1 and E2

I climbed these points from south to north and numbered them from 1 to 9 accordingly. From I-20 exit 165 at GA 80, zero odometer.

0.0 -- I-20 at GA 80, go south on GA 80.
0.6 -- CR 127 (Mesena Road), turn left on CR 127.
3.3 -- Union Church Road, turn left.
4.7 -- Driveway on the left at mailbox 1729.
          Get permission to roam the front yard for Area #1. Return to GA 80.
5.8 -- GA 80, turn right (north) on GA 80.
9.5 -- At I-20, continue north on GA 80.

10.0 -- GA 223, turn right on GA 223.
12.4 -- Road junction, turn left (north).
12.5 -- Turn into driveway on the right.
            Get permission to walk around the house for Area #2. Return to GA 223.
12.6 -- GA 223, turn left and go over the Interstate.
12.9 -- Track on the right, turn right.
13.2 -- Park. The high point Area #3 is in the woods just to the north.
            A pushed up area looked highest but walk around a bit. Turn around.
13.5 -- Back at GA 223, turn right.
18.5 -- GA 17, go straight across on to GA 150 (Gordon Road).
23.0 -- Cross over I-20. It's possible to start your trip here at exit 175. Continue north on GA 150.
29.2 -- Stagecoach Road, turn left.
29.8 -- Park. You are within the contour for Area #4. Look around. Return to GA 150.
30.4 -- GA 150, turn left.
30.7 -- Park. Area #5 is up the hill to the right (east). Area #6 is up the hill to the left (west).
31.6 -- Reese Jones Road, turn left.
32.1 -- Park in driveway on right. Get permission to walk north up the slope for Area #7. Return.
32.6 -- Back at GA 150, turn left (north).
33.1 -- Park. This puts you into a large contour area for #8. This takes a lot of exploring.
            You are also covering area 590+ foot for Columbia County if the highest point isn't a 2-fer
            due to the indefinite boundary controversy. I included Gross Place Road in my walk.
34.4 -- Driveway on the left at mailbox 4777. Got permission to walk around for Area #9.

NOTE: I would like to point out that the instructions for the last six areas are just a best guess. I stopped many times along Cobbham Road and explored side streets, driveways and tracks between Stones Crossroads and Cobbham. The terrain is rolling hills and forested, sometimes heavily. No area can be seen from any other area so leveling was impossible. My GPS altimeter helped a little but varied too much to reach any determination. Good luck in this county. Good faith effort was the best I could do.