McIntosh County Highpoint Trip Report

one small area 2/3 mile southeast of Plum Orchard Cemetery (75+ ft)

Date: June 4, 2007
Author: Bill Schuler

From I-95 north of Brunswick, take exit 49 and zero odometer.

0.0 -- Junction of I-95 and GA 251, go west on GA 251.
3.0 -- GA 251 turns right, go straight ahead toward Cox.

12.2 -- Turn left at junction.
13.3 -- Gated track on left, park.

The high point is just 0.4 mile south along this track. At 0.25 mile there is a Y. Keep left. The track goes right over the top of the slight rise. The hike was a bit mushy at this drought afflicted time. It could be a swim during the rainy season.