Meriwether County High Point Trip Report

Pine Mountain (1,340+ ft)

Date: April 8, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

There are two areas circled by 1,340-foot contours in Meriwether County. These areas are quite close to GA 190, and also close to the high points of Harris and Talbot Counties. The high points of all three counties lie in Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park.

From the intersection of GA 190 with US 27A/GA 85A/GA 116, go west on 190 for 0.1 miles. Here the highway passes through the southern edge of the high contour. Park and walk into the woods on the north side of the area. The land appeared to rise gently toward the center of the area. Walk around to be fairly sure of hitting the high spot.

The second area is reached by continuing west on GA 190 another 0.6 miles. Here the topographic map shows a small 1,340-foot contour south of the road and about 300 feet from it. Walk into the woods until you are reasonably sure that you have covered the high ground.