Meriwether County High Point Trip Report

2 unnamed areas on Pine Mountain (1340+ ft with 20 ft intervals); unnamed spots

Date: June 13, 2000
Author: Fred Dale

I biked east on Georgia Hwy. 190 to the intersection of U.S. Alt. Hwy. 27, passing near both possible HPs, then back-tracked to identify the two areas using the topo quad. As stated by Fred Lobdell, the larger of the two areas overlaps the road, a mere 400-500 from the intersection, and roughly across the road from the GA historical marker for FDR's longleaf pine plantation. Indeed, the high ground is within the woods on the N side of the road; I found the ground quite flat over an extended area, and replete with the corrugations of old base rows of old farming days, now in medium-growth pines.

Area 2 (west): Use the quad to identify the subtle curves, observe the rise and lay of the land, and the area, which lies completely S of the road, can be reached by parking at or on the remnant patch of pavement (old road bed?) of ~20 yards length on that S side; less than a mile west of the intersection. The area is distinctly smaller but locally more prominent than the first. A good 250' easy bushwhack subtly uphill takes you to oak woods where several blown-down trees have raised 4 to 6' foot root balls, two of which appear equally high. Don't sprain an ankle!

Topo Chart

Locations: east point N 32 deg 50.97', W 84 deg 42.10'; west pt. N 32 deg 51.08', W 84 deg 42.52'.

DeLorme TopoUSA elev = 1375 ft & 1363 ft respectively.