Miller County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: December 29, 2004
Author: Denis Dean

From Damascus, GA go east on SR 200, then south on CR 227 to Macedonia. To reach the first area head west on Phillips Road (dirt) to Cleveland Road (dirt). This is the first intersection west of Macedonia. Go north on Cleveland Road to a rise in the road and a large oak tree on the west side of the road. The highpoint appeared to be around this oak tree or slightly north of it. The east side of the road is lower. From this point look west towards a dead oak tree on the other side of a cotton field. This is the other high part of this contour.

Being lazy, I drove north on Cleveland Road to Lovering Road (dirt) which is on the Miller/Early county line. Go west on Lovering Road to just past the swampy forested area on the left (south) side of the road. I parked in the road and walked along a path to the area near the dead oak tree. There is a square chain link fenced area near the tree and the highpoint seemed to be on the northwest corner of the fence.

To reach the other two areas return to Macedonia and go south on Avenue Lane. Turn left at Mount Olive Church Road. The first area is about 1 mile southwest of Mt. Olive Church on the north side of the road. There appears to be a house on my topo but the area was just a cleared cotton field with no house visible anywhere.

The third area is further east on the road approximately 0.7 mile past Mt. Olive Church. The area is 1/3 mile north of the road in a cotton field. A farmer was in the field south of the road and he watched me the entire time I was there. He probably would have protested to me walking in the field had it been growing season.

It would be best to complete this county in the winter.