Mitchell County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: April 15, 2004
Author: Denis Dean

Although there are four possibilities for the Mitchell County High Point listed in Andy Martin's book, two of these are the same. The area near Pleasant Grove Church and the area near Rocky Mount Cemetery are the same contour on two different quads.

To get to the two areas near the Greenough Lookout Tower head northeast on SR 112 from Camilla for a few miles to Jerusalem Church Road (there is also a sign for Covey Pointe Plantation). Turn right and go a couple of miles until you see Pebble City Road on your right. The dirt road to the high points is directly across from this intersection on your left. Go past the open gate and Road Closed sign, past a swampy area on both sides of the road, past another open gate approximately 0.7 mile to a high area. The 400-foot contour is on both sides of the road, however the highest area appeared to be on the left (west side). For the second area go just north of the high area to an ATV trail heading into the woods, follow this trail east then north to the obvious second highpoint. The tower is no longer there and probably hasn't been in some while.

For the third area continue east on Jerusalem Church Road. Turn left (north) onto SR 93. Turn right (northeast) onto SR 112. Turn left (north) onto South County Line Road. After about 1 mile turn left on Pine Cone Road (dirt) and immediately turn left at the first dirt path. Follow this path uphill to the high area near a shed with farm equipment. I walked around the shed and surrounding area unable to determine the exact highpoint. This area is in a peanut field but as I was there around 7 pm there was no one around.