Monroe County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 28, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

The Monroe County HP is in an area of moderately thick pine woods. The signs say "POSTED NO HUNTING" and are by the Big Horn Hunting Club, but they do not specifically prohibit hiking or walking on the land. Exit from I-75 on Johnstonville Rd. (This is the exit north of the one for GA 42.) Go west on Johnstonville Rd. for about 1.1 miles to the first paved road on the left. Turn left (south) and go about 1.2 miles to the first paved right turn. Turn right (southwest) on Zellnere Rd. and follow it as it turns south and crosses a dirt road at 0.9 miles. Continue straight on Zellner Rd., which shortly becomes a dirt road. At 2.5 miles from the beginning of Zellner Rd. it intersects Goodwyne Rd., also dirt. Turn right (west) on Goodwyne and take it for a half mile to the height of land. There will be a large area on your left (south) that is an entrance to a gated road and here you can park well off the road without blocking access.

The pine woods to the north are fairly thick and the underbrush, while not as bad as it could be, is prickly in places. A compass and long pants are both strongly recommended. I bushwhacked, trying to hold a bearing of true north as the land dropped slightly, then rose gently in front of me. Eventually I had to curve around to the northwest and head for the high ground, which is not terribly obvious. This is a bushwhack of about a quarter mile through thick woods, but it always seems longer.

For a quicker and easier alternative, walk back east along Goodwyne Rd. from where you parked for a hundred feet or so, then walk north along a dirt road. This road has a chain across it but is otherwise easy going. Follow it as it climbs very gently to a height of land. At this point the high area will be to your left front (northwest or west-northwest) and it is a much easier bushwhack than going in all the way from Goodwyne Rd. This is the way I came out.