Rabun County Highpoint Trip Report

Rabun Bald

Date: March 12, 2006
Author: Shannon Dillmore

I took a slightly different route than that described in Scott Surgent's trip report but ended up at the same trailhead. I would note that the sign pointing out the trailhead no longer exists, and this could lead to some confusion. There are two 4WD paths, and the footpath is shrouded in rhododendrons until you get close to it. The left gravel 4WD track is posted as a dead-end -- don't take it. Walk towards the right track and the footpath just to the left of the right 4WD track appears. Take this up. Follow the rest of Scott's report.

Saw about a dozen other people.

Hike statistics: 3.4 miles round-trip, over 1,060 feet elevation gain, 1 hour 5 minutes (including ten minutes on the summit).