Rabun County Highpoint Trip Report

Rabun Bald (4,680+ ft)

Date: August 3, 2006
Author: Don Desrosiers

I started with Scott Surgent's fine directions but development has made modifications to some of his numbers.

In the town of Dillard on US 23/441, turn right onto Route 246 toward Sky Valley and zero odometer. At 4.1 miles turn right onto Old Mud Creek Road (SR 1628) which will eventually become Bald Mountain Road, presumably when it enters back into GA. Pass through Sky Valley, the type of place that looks like it would not welcome anyone on this e-mail list, and at 7.0 miles, turn sharply right onto Kelsey Mountain Road with USFS sign for Rabun Bald. Park at the cul-de-sac at 7.2 miles.

At this point there are 6 possibilities. Going clockwise: 1) Kelsey Mountain Road where you just came in; 2) a driveway with stone pillars; 3) a driveway to a red house; 4) a jeep road going 130 magnetic with a no outlet sign; 5) a dirt road going 200° magnetic; and 6) signed Joe Bleckley Road. Obviously, you want #5.

I stayed on the 4wd track and had an easy ascent other than the heat. There are no views until you reach the stone Bartram Trail sign and by then you are just about there. Found the reference marker but no BM. Came back the same way.

55 minutes up, 40 minutes down.