Randolph County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 19, 2000
Author: Bill Jacobs

Randolf County takes you into the back country of Georgia giving you a flavor of life in rural communities if you take the time to walk into the old country stores. For me that's a necessity in order to find out where I'm at.

From Richland, GA proceed 4.0 miles south on H520. Turn right on CR84 for 9.7 miles. The railroad tracks shown on DeLorme page 48 are gone but the roadbed is still evident. The hamlets of Barges and Troutman shown the maps are not at all apparent. At 9.7 miles turn left onto a dirt road and continue for about one mile-a topo map would be helpful. Up to the right in the pine forest is a large, flat area shown as the highpoint. The flatness of the area and the thick underbrush preclude precise identification of the highest area. Maybe the undergrowth is less intrusive in the winter.