Spalding County Highpoint Trip Report

seven areas (1,000+ ft)

Date: January 4, 2007
Author: Bob Schwab

From the intersection of the US 19/41 bypass and Route 362 southwest of Griffin, drive southwest on 362 for 1.1 miles to the Shell convenience store just beyond Pine Hill Road. Climb the hill just west of the parking lot (ignore the dirt pile) cross the fence and head into the edge of the woods, where the original ground is undisturbed. This contour is area 1.

Next, continue 0.25 mile farther down Route 362 and turn right into an drive which goes back by two houses which were for sale. The large abandoned brown building in the back seems to sit on slightly higher ground but this contour (area 2) extends west and you should wander around on it a bit before leaving.

Continue a bit more down Route 362, and watch for a road to your right just before the railroad crossing (Oak Grove Road). Turn in here and drive 0.5 mile to Lenox Road. Turn left and drive 0.15 mile to the road crest and Dunlap Road. Turn right, enter area 3, and follow this road around to #63 Dunlap, which seems to have the highest ground in their front lawn. There is an obvious rise inside the theoretical contour line for this area.

Return to the Lenox/Dunlap intersection and drive south on Lenox, to an area near a grey trailer on your right. This is area 4, and a quick hand level check will confirm it is lower than area 3. Continue south on Lenox and watch for a long grassy area in front of a gray house and next to a brick house. This fifth contour appears to be a bit higher than area 4 but is lower than area 3.

Continue down Lenox Road to an extreme left turn and cross Route 362. Continue east 0.3 mile to Lakeside Road and turn right. Go south on Lakeside about 0.6 mile to the crest in the road. Park here along the east side of the road, just past a gate on your left and use the open gate to explore the field to your east. The highest ground in area 6 appears to be near the southwest corner of the field. Note the tiny contour on the west side of the road, opposite the fence corner. This is area 7 and it appears to be just two raised flower beds in front of a home. It is much lower than area 6 across the street.