Stephens County Highpoint Trip Report

Currahee Mtn (1,740 ft)

Date: June 20, 2004
Author: Bill Schuler

From the signal at the Junction of Highway 184 and 123 in Boydsville, go South on 184. In 0.3 mile Highway 184 turns left. Go straight ahead toward Cornelia for 2 miles. Turn Left onto FS65, the Colonel Robert Sink Memorial Trail, and zero your odometer if you wish but it's not necessary. There are a few roads turning off but just stay on the main (dirt) road. At 0.5 mile there's an open gate. At 1.4 miles there's a sign saying "closed 10 P.M. to 7 A.M.". At 2.6 miles the road gets a little rocky (OK for passenger cars to this point). At 2.8 miles at the American Tower there's a good place to park. It's possible to drive slightly farther to the FCC SBA Towers. From either place there are steps going to the highest tower.

There is a witness BM in front of the fence around this tower pointing inside the fence. No other BM is visible and no natural land inside the fence is higher than the Witness BM.