Talbot County High Point Trip Report

Unnamed (1,260+ ft)

Date: April 8, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

Like the high points of Harris and Meriwether Counties, the high point of Talbot County lies in Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park. It is on the county line about 600 feet west of US 27A/GA 85A/GA 116 and about a quarter mile east of the tri-county junction. Here a ridge, trending northwest-southeast, crosses the Meriwether-Talbot county line.

The county line crosses US 27A/GA 85A/GA 116 almost exactly a half mile south of its intersection with GA 190. However, the highway at this point is descending steeply and has guard rails close to the road on both sides, so that parking is not possible at this point. It seems best to leave your vehicle uphill from the county line and walk back down to where the line crosses the road.

From this point bushwhack due west into the woods, trying to follow the county line, until the ridge crest is reached. Here you should follow the ridge both uphill and downhill for two or three hundred feet, staying on the crest, to guard against possible inaccuracies in (1) the placement of the county line on the map; (2) the location of the county sign by the roadside; or (3) your ability to follow a straight compass line while walking uphill through the woods.

Ron Tagliapietra has suggested that it would also be possible to follow this ridge line from GA 190 in Meriwether County, beginning from a point near that county's easternmost high area. See the report for Meriwether County.