Thomas County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 26, 2004
Author: Bill Jacobs

At the intersection Highway 3 and the Thomas/Mitchell county line on the outskirts of Meigs, GA proceed west along the county line road.

Area One is at 0.2 mile (a spillover from Mitchell), probably the road bed itself.

Area Two is south of the road at 0.8 mile point from H3, a peanut-shaped contour in a peanut field.

Area Three is the crest in the road at one mile.

For Area Four, reverse course back to Highway 3 and turn right (0.9 mile), prior to the railroad tracks, onto Golden Street. Go 0.3 mile to a "T". The contour is back behind a trailer and an adjacent house in some bamboo growth. It is here that I reveal a little known secret in highpointing techniques - you check your dignity at the door when you join this hobby. When entering a highpointing fallout zone, start waving to everyone and grin. You never know what dividends it will pay. After coming to the "T" in Area Four I was stymied because it was too early in the morning to start banging on trailer doors to ask for permission to scour through their back yards. So, who should be coming down the road while I mentally was working through this conundrum, someone I had waved to back up the road. I said, "Hey do you think the folks there would mind if I checked out their back yard for the county's highest point?" She said, "We don't know them but I'll wake up the next-door neighbor and she won't mind." Through the "backdoor" of the next-door neighbor I was able to sneak into the backyard of those unknown folks.