Thomas County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: April 15, 2004
Author: Denis Dean

The four Thomas County highpoint possibilities are located around the tiny town of Meigs.

From Thomasville take US 19 north to SR-111 (West Marshall Street) and turn left. Turn right on Wilkes Street. At the end of the road turn left onto West Johnson Street. The first point is a little hump in the dirt driveway of 2079 West Johnson Street. This is a grey single-wide trailer at the intersection of West Johnson and Golden Streets. I walked up onto the point and back to my car without making contact with the homeowners.

Turn right onto Golden Street and then left on County Line Road. This divides Thomas County on the left, with Mitchell County on the right. The second point is a small contour near the left side of the road in a fenced-off field located roughly halfway between Golden Street and Carter Street (the first dirt road on the left after Golden). The highpoint appears to be the roadway embankment but as this is obviously manmade. I walked around the field.

Travel slightly over 0.5 mile to Davis Road. Turn left then immediately turn right onto a dirt path near some pecan trees. This path goes a very short ways into a field and the third highpoint.

For the fourth and final point go back to County Line Road and turn left. About 0.1 mile after passing some power lines pull over and walk around the field on the left just off the road.

I completed this county before planting season which afforded the best opportunity to see the lay of the land and best judge the location of the highpoints.