Walker County High Point Trip Report

BM "High Point 2" on Lookout Mountain (2,391 ft)

Date: May 26, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

The topographic map shows a road going to Walker County's high point, but previous highpointers who reconnoitered this one (including one who did it) were unable to find out where it came out on GA 157. The reason for this is that the entrance is set back beyond some private driveways. It is also gated, and the gate is locked. We were told by a neighbor that the people who gated and locked it had no right to do so, but they weren't home, so the information did us no good. We took the same approach as the previous successful attempt.

>From the intersection of GA 143 and GA 157, go north on 157 about 5.6 miles a small Baptist church (shown on the topographic map as "Lookout Mtn Rural Sch") on the left (west). (This is about a half mile north of Ascalon School, which is on the right [east] side of 157. If you get to Durham Road on the left, you've gone too far.) This is a couple of hundred feet south of some power lines crossing the highway.

We parked at the church and walked east under the power lines, descending moderately steeply to a crossing of Long Branch. For the crossing, we traversed left (north) for a couple of hundred feet, then back right to the power lines. The summit road almost touches the open area under the power lines at a couple of switchbacks, and at the first of these we took the road, which was easier walking and a gentler ascent.

At the end of the road was a building and a set of wooden steps that ascended 40 feet or so to the summit ridge. There is a magnificent view and drop-off to the east here. The bench mark is located to the north along the ridge, on a block of rock that has separated from the main ridge by a few feet. Most fortunately, it also appeared to be a bit lower than the highest areas along the ridge.

On the return trip, we stuck with the road and emerged onto the state highway about a half mile north of where we had parked.