Ware County Highpoint Trip Report

one small area 1 1/4 miles south of Moore Cemetery (190+ ft)

Date: May 31, 2007
Author: Bill Schuler

Driving directions: From US 84 and Bus US 1 junction south of Waycross, go north on Bus 1 about 6.7 miles to the junction of US 1/US 23 and CR 4 north of town or reach this point from east or west. Zero odometer.

0.0 -- Junction US 1/US 23/CR 4, go north.
4.4 -- Bickley Road, turn left (northwest).

11.1 -- Five way intersection, go straight (north) on Lucy Moore Road.
13.9 -- Harold Jackson Lane, dirt, turn left (west).
            Road bends south at Victory Baptist Church.
14.4 -- Park.

Hiking Directions: You are due east of the high point about 0.13 mile away. With permission, hike west up the track to the top. A gimme.