Wayne County High Point Trip Report

three areas 1/2 mile north-northwest and 1 3/4 mile west-southwest of Friendship Church (185+ ft)

Date: January 12, 2004
Author: Michael Schwartz

For the northern area, take GA 169 south 1.3 miles to a crest and the junction with two woods roads. Park and bushwhack due west through fairly open woods about 340 feet, crossing two woods roads enroute, and stopping just past the second, which is the center of the 185-foot contour. Minimal relief.

For the small area just north of spot elevation 182 feet, continue another 0.4 mile along GA 169 and make a sharp right (west) onto CR 320 at the sign for the Friendship Baptist Church, before the Wayne County sign. Go west 1.3 miles and turn left (south) onto an OK dirt road, pass a hunting stand and a lockable gate, bear right at 0.5 mile, go about another .035 mile and park. Here I crashed into the overgrown woods and wandered around using my GPS. I did find an area where the ground rose a foot or two, so wander around until you find same.

For the liner area to the west, go back out to CR 320, and go west-southwest almost 0.9 mile to a gated dirt road on the left, not shown on the topo. From the gate the highpoint is 0.15 mile at a true heading of 158 degrees. I took the generically posted road past a curve to the right and then took off into the woods to the highpoint, some 330 feet distant. No boundary markings and no relief. The woods are mercifully not too overgrown.