Allamakee County High Point Trip Report

Iron Mine Hill (1,320 ft)

Date: August 2, 2003
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

Starting in Waukon, IA, take state route 9 northeast about two miles to a radio tower and continue another 1.2 miles. Park on the right side of the road.

A sign on the barbed wire fence to your right explains that Iron Mine Hill is the Allamakee County hp. Walk uphill along the side of the fence until you reach the hp (perhaps 15 feet of gain). You do not need to cross the barbed fence (which is for cows). It looked to me like I had to, but after walking all around inside I came right back to the fence.

On my second visit, several with hand levels also crossed the fence and verified the gut feelings of my first trip. The highpoint is at the fence line. Well inside the barbed wire fence is a small tower (also fenced), which could be from the Iron Mine. This is a quick and easy cohp.