Buena Vista County High Point Trip Report

four areas - including BM 1542 (1,540+ ft)

Date: July 14, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

The four highpoints in this county are relatively easy to visit because they are part of a windmill "farm" which has constructed access roads to each site. From the intersection of US 59 and Iowa 3 north of Cherokee, drive north on Route 3 for 6.6 miles to Larrabee and the intersection with County C16. Turn right on C16 and continue east for another 9 miles to M27. Turn right on M27 and proceed south for 2 miles to 470th Street. Turn left onto 470th Street and go east 1 mile to 30th Avenue. Turn left on 30th Avenue and go north for about 0.25 mile to gate # 4677. Park here and hike west to the base of the windmill that sits on area 1.

Return to the intersection of 30th Avenue and 470th Street and continue east for another mile. Turn left and go north on 40th Avenue for 0.4 mile to a crest in the road. There is a windmill access road going off to the left (west) here (gate # 4659), so you can park off the road. The BM is gone (just a hole in the ground on the west side of the road) but two witness signs remain. The highest ground for this site (area 4) appears to be east of the road surrounding a weather tower.

Drive west on the windmill access road and stop at the 4th windmill. The contour representing area 3 appears to top out just east of windmill 4 (between windmills 3 and 4 as you came in). Hand level checks made me think this may be the highest of the four areas.

Continue driving west on the windmill access road to the second-to-the-last windmill. This appears to be the highest spot in area 2.

While you are in this area consider visiting the highpoint of Cherokee County, which is just a few miles west on the county line.