Calhoun County Highpoint Trip Report

three unnamed field areas (1,270+ ft)

Date: May 4, 2005
Author: Mark Ness

Calhoun County's three high point areas are located in Section 3 of Butler Township. I visited there on the morning of May 4, 2005. After visiting all 3 areas, I could not tell which one was highest.

From the intersection of 630th St. and 190th Ave (C.R. N41), 1 mile south of State Highway 7, I drove south on N41 for 1.4 miles. I turned left onto C.R. D11, and drove east for 0.55 mile, where I parked in an approach east of the road crest, near the red dashed line in the center of the section.

area 1

I crossed through a gate, and walked through a chopped corn field to the southern area in less than 3 minutes. I began walking straight north between the corn rows to the northern area.

area 2

I crossed the property line in 7 minutes, and walked through scrub grass to area 2--2 more minutes. I returned to the property line and turned west on a field road which came near the western, and largest, area.

area 3

I arrived at area 3 in 5 minutes. I returned to my car on the field road that follows the property line.

Total time for this county was about 23 minutes.