Cass County High Point Trip Report

three areas (1,460+ ft)

Date: July 13, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

Leave Interstate 80 at Exit 70 and head north 0.5 mile to an intersection with a dirt road (signed 350th and Littlefield). Turn right and head east for 2.75 miles to a crest in the road (just east of a house on the north side). The highest point appears to be at the crest in the middle of the road. The highest natural ground appears to be near a telephone pole on the south side of the road, next to a cornfield. If you go too far (0.25 mile farther east), you'll arrive at a four-way intersection that has different signs on all four corners (a four-county intersection!).

To visit areas 2 and 3, return to Exit 70 on Interstate 80. Head south on Route 148 toward the town of Anita for 1 mile. Watch for an intersection on the right, next to a large tower. Turn right on Boone and head west for 0.5 mile to the top of the hill and the intersection with 745th Street. From here, you can see a large white house to your right (north), and a newer white and grey house to the southwest, just off from 745th Street. The highest spot in area 2 is in the front lawn of the newer white and grey house. I knocked at the door, but no one was home when I visited.

Next, I went to the white house on the north (74566 Boone) which is owned by Lois Barber. Area 3 is just to the west of her home, under the trees. Mrs. Barber was very cordial and welcomed me. She told me that her daughter lives in the newer home to the southwest. Her son Larry was visiting her at the time, and offered to escort me to the locally famous "cottonwood tree that grows in the middle of a four-way intersection." If you have the time it's an unusual sight, and you'll discover that Mrs. Barber has a lot of personal history associated with that old tree. If she's at home, you'll have no problem gaining access to these two areas and learning a lot about the local history.