Clinton County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: September 30, 2004
Author: Bill Schuler

From the intersection of US 61 and State Highway 64 in Maquoketa, zero odometer.

  0.0 - Highways 64 and 61 - go west on Highway 64.
  5.7 - 100th Avenue (road to Nashville) - go left (south).
  8.0 - County line - go straight (south).
  8.5 - 106th Street - go right (west).
10.6 - "T"-shaped Junction at 140th Avenue - turn left (south).
10.7 - At #1079 140th Avenue - park.

Get permission to hike 0.2 mile southeast into the trees behind the property for the northern area in Section 2/3. Back at the car, continue south on 140th Avenue.

11.4 - "T"-shaped Junction at 115th Street - turn left (west) then (south).
12.2 - 120th Street - turn left (east).
12.3 - Opening in the fence on your left. Park and hike into the field to the small rise at the
          southwestern point in Section 11. Return to the car and continue straight ahead (east).
12.5 - Another opening in the fence at the crest in the road - park and hike a short way into the field
          to the rise near the road for the southeastern point in Section 11.
          From here, you can look over the southwestern point, eliminating it from contention.