Floyd County Highpoint Trip Report

five unnamed areas (1,210+ ft)

Date: March 20, 2005
Author: Mark Ness

I visited Floyd County's high points on March 20, 2005. Areas 1-4 are in sections 22 and 23 of Rock Grove Township. Area 5 is in section 24 of Cedar Township. Both areas 4 and 5 extend into Mitchell County.

From the point where County Road S70 crosses the Mitchell-Floyd County Line, I went east about 2.8 miles (I got stuck in the snow along this road and took a wrong turn).

I parked at a point nearest the middle of area 2.

The Trail to areas 1 and 2 - the field was snowy plowed.

I arrived at the top of area 2 in 4 minutes. It is by a fence. Area 1 is a 7 minute walk south.

Total hiking time for these two areas was 20 minutes.

I continued east on the county line road for 0.25 mile, and turned right onto Echo. I parked on the roadside 0.05 mile south, the middle of area 3.

area 3

The highest point in area 3 is on the west side of Echo, 2 minutes round trip.

I got back to the county line road, and continued east for 0.2 mile to the road crest and parked there.

area 4

I reached the top of area 4 in 3 minutes. An interested dog from the farmplace to the east met me and stayed with me for part of the hike.

Round trip time was 5 minutes. Total time for these 4 points was 34 minutes. Area 5 is on the opposite side of the county from the other areas, but there is no straight, easy way to get there, so I continued east from area 4 for 1.85 miles, and turned right onto C.R. T26.

I continued south on T26 for 6.55 miles, and turned left onto U.S. 18, four-lane, divided highway. I followed U.S. 18 for 8.7 miles, and turned left onto U.S. 218. I drove north on U.S. 218 for 1 mile, and turned right onto C.R. B33. I drove east on B33 for 5.2 miles, and turned left onto C.R. T64 (Underwood Av) I drove north on T64 for 1.5 miles and turned right onto C.R. B28. I drove east on B28 for 4.1 miles and turned around when I realized that there was no road on the Floyd-Chickasaw County Line at that point. From my turnaround, it was 1.05 miles to my right onto Windfall Ave. I drove north on Windfall for 0.95 mile, and turned right onto 130th St. I drove east on 130th St for 1 mile to the Floyd-Chickasaw County line road (Addison Ave). I drove north on Addison for 2.5 miles, and turned left into driveway 1067. I was expecting this to be the farmplace shown 1/2 mile east of the southern bulge of the contour, with a driveway that was to bring me within 1/3 mile from the top, but I did not see such a driveway. The place contained four long hog barns.

At this point, I estimated it was 0.62 mile from the top, and decided to move to plan B, parking on the road that would require a western approach, so I turned around, got back to Windfall, (via 110th St), and parked about on the road crest, just under 1/2 mile from my expected summit.

Area 5, despite its largeness, does not have significant rise. From my parking position, I crossed the property line in 7 minutes, then attained the summit ridge in 4 more minutes. From there I walked through the chopped corn north, almost to the county line (spot elevation 1212). I walked for 15 more minutes to every piece of high ground I could see, before claiming the county.

Total time out of my car for this area was 40 minutes.