Grundy County Highpoint Trip Report

two unnamed hills (1,150+ ft)

Date: March 22, 2005
Author: Mark Ness

Grundy County's two high point areas are located in sections 5 and 8 of Melrose Township.

From Grundy Center, I drove west on State Highway 175 about 9.5 miles and turned right onto C.R. T19. I drove north on T19 for 1 mile, and turned left onto 230th St. I drove west on 230th for 2.65 miles, and parked on the roadside next to house 12345, which fenced area contained area 1. It was posted "No Trespassing" "Keep Out". I walked on a narrow wooden bridge across the road ditch to an open gate in the fence. The house had a 70's look to it, along with a 70's satellite dish (8 feet diameter). It appeared to be abandoned. I quickly walked over the high point, which was near the wood line, and back to my car.

I continued driving west 200 yards or so to the next driveway, number 12206. I drove on the driveway and on grass to a gate at the cornfield. Then a short walk into the field. Total time for this county was 8 minutes.